Google and Bing Fail Users Searching The Internet

Frustrated With Poor Search Engine Results?

Over the last few years search engine results (SERP) from the dominant search engines, Google and Bing, have gotten much worse. It's become more and more frustrating having to navigate through spam, poor quality content, and misleading search results when trying to find what you need on the Internet.

It makes no difference what you are searching for. Almost all results now contain a lot of duplicate content, and just plain horrible information. 

It seriously impacts on the usefulness of the Internet, and makes finding what you want time consuming and exhausting. While the reasons why universal search engines are failing are legion (see menu to the left), the average user is stuck, because the problems exists for all broad based search engines.

The Solution To Poor Search Engine Results (SERPS): Niche Search Engines

Google and Bing try to be all things to all searchers. They try to index the entire web, and that's part of the problem. Also there's a constant battle between the search engines and spammers trying to get higher rankings.

A niche search engine, sometimes called an alternative search) is different. It doesn't try to index the entire web. It offers up results based on hand picked, superior websites selected, not by computers, but by real human beings. The result is that because the scale is smaller, and human choice is involved, the junk, spam, irrelevant stuff gets filtered out.

So, when you enter a search term, you get relevant, high quality results.

Niche search engines cover a narrow topic, and they cover it well, drawing from only the best sites.

Our Niche Search Engines

We've created a number of specialized search engines on topics that are of interest to us. As an author I'm constantly having to rely on the Internet to do research, and so I moved forward to create my own search tools. We're now making these available in select content areas to help you find what you need fast.

Topics are those of interest to our work, which focuses on human relationships. workplace issues, and a handful of hobbies, and our intent is not to replace the universal search engines, but to provide you with the information you want.

Our Specialized Search Engines:

  • Locate and index high quality sites on the topic
  • Filter out sites that are overly commercial, or offer up superficial content, or duplicate content
  • Filter out sites that require registration or payment to view the content
  • Filter out sites (at least whenever possible) that display distracting ads, popups or other material that frustrates you in finding what you want.

In short, we do the preliminary work.

Webmasters Can Embed Our Niche Search Engines

Not only can you use our search engines here, but we are making available the simple code so that webmasters can place any of our search engines on their own sites. It's absolutely free of charge, and if you have any knowledge of coding, it's a two minute process. Please see the relevant menu item to the left.